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Getting your motorcycle licence is fast, easy and fun with the Q Ride Gold Coast team at Australian Motorcycle Academy!

Highly Experienced Trainers, Relaxed Training

Highly Experienced Trainers, Relaxed Training

Australian Motorcycle Academy’s Guarantee to our new learner students

  • We will guarantee to you on completion of your training you will have the skills to ride a motorcycle confidently.
  • You will be taught to ride in our safe and secure training area and also, when confident, we will also train you on road.
  • You will have ridden at least 400klm to 500klm on road prior to licencing.

To our experience riders wanting to obtain your licence

Australian Motorcycle Academy:

  • Conducts our 6 hour experienced Q Ride Gold Cast course all in one day 7.45am till 3.00pm
  • We supply all your motorcycles and   safety gear (Helmets Jackets and Gloves)

We even supply your food and drinks for your training day

Come and have some fun with our friendly trainers.
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Latest News

Top 3 Tips For Motorcycling Around Australia

A couple of our old students have just returned from an around Australia motorbike trip – 17,000 kms in 29 days, taking in:

  • Savannah Way across the Top End
  • Legendary Gibb River Road through the Kimberleys
  • That long stretch called the Nullarbor!
  • Around Tasmania
  • Over the Snowy Mountains

Brendon and Jack are a father and son duo who do a few adventures together (they once cycled across Australia before coming to the realisation a bike is much easier with a motor on it!) and rode around on a Suzuki VStrom 650 (Brendon) and a KLR 650 (Jack).

Top 3 Tips From The Lads

1.  Dropping your bike in a creek with crocodiles isn’t advisable

At the first creek crossing that had the “Don’t Stop, Crocodiles Live Here” Sign, Brendon managed to crash in the middle.

And don't drop your bike in the creek!

And don’t drop your bike in the creek!

He tells me it was one of those moments in life where he looks up, wondering if his 20 year old son in rushing through the water to help ……or sitting on the bank watching??!!

Turns out Jack was running through the water to help – or as he puts it

“I had a GoPro on Shona, I was after a better camera angle if a croc got him!  Funniest Home Videos here I come!”

2.  Little things matter – yes, even that cap on the valve matters a lot

To save the time it takes to unscrew the valves and screw them back on each time tyre pressures are checked, Brendon decided to just toss the valves.

Bad move!

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Picking up Your Dropped Bike

You’ve got your bike license, you’ve been riding for a while… and you just dropped your bike. Never fear!

It’s not the end of the world.  Usually, it’s not the end of the bike either.  (Unless you dropped it off a cliff or something, in which case this article won’t help at all.)

It is possible to get your bike off the ground and our latest article will tell you exactly how to go about it.

Safe riding everyone!


Q Ride Training – How You Actually Steer Your Motorbike

The whole concept of counter steering has the potential to baffle learner riders during their Q Ride training – or, at any time, really.  There’s a whole bunch of phrases around like “turn left to go right” or “push left to go left”, which really make very little sense unless you’ve actually tried it out on a bike.

We’ve just put up a brand new article about counter-steering during Q Ride training, so have a read, then have a go.

Try it on your motorbike, during your Q Ride training, or you can even do it on your push bike (as long as you’re going about 20km/h).


Tips for Safe Riding

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend!

We’ve had some pretty nice weather, hopefully you’ve been able to get out for a ride.

I’ve just put up a new article about safe motorcycle riding after you’ve finished your QRide training.  There’s a good few tips and hopefully they’ll be of some use.

Enjoy your Sunday,