We’re Very Relaxed

One of the most common comments we get in our post-ride surveys is:

“I was really nervous to start with but the course was so friendly and relaxed that I wasn’t nervous at all by the end.”

We promote a non-intimidating environment and it’s fantastic to hear that our students find it so as well.

So try not to stress out too much beforehand!

We’re lovely and are here to ensure you have a great time!



If You’re Learning, Your First Ride Isn’t On Roads

New riders are often anxious that they’ll have to ride on the road straight away – this is most definitely not the case. That would be really mean!

As a beginner, how we like to start the training is by having you double on a bike with the instructor and he’ll ride you down to our fully secure, fenced and car less private training area.

This large empty area is ideal for you to start your rider training.

Motorcycle training Gold Coast
Relaxed environment with professional instructors

Only once you’re comfortable and competent (and your instructor will be assessing this every minute he is with you) will you ride on the road – and, to start with, you’ll ride on a very quiet suburban road.

As your skills progress, so does your exposure to more challenging roads.

We’re here to make your training as stress free as possible.

Take care.