Learner Riders

Here at the Australian Motorcycle Academy we pride ourselves on our ability to train riders to the standards we believe will make you a confident and safe rider, allowing you to enjoy your riding experience.

Australian Motorcycle Academy’s Guarantee to our new learner students

  • We will guarantee to you on completion of your training you will have the skills to ride a motorcycle confidently.
  • You will be taught to ride in our safe and secure training area and also when confident we will also train you on road.
  • You will have ridden at least 400klm to 500klm on road prior to licencing.

All of the instructors at the Australian Motorcycle Academy are motorcycle enthusiasts and are passionate about their craft and passing on the information and skills that make the difference between being a rider and a good rider.

Pay as you Train or Learner’s Package

You can  Pay as you Train or you can take advantage of our Learner’s Package.

1.  With Pay as you train: we train one on one and we do our session in 3 hour blocks.

We run 2 sessions Tuesday to Saturday:

  • 8.00am – 11.00am
  • 12.00pm – 3.00pm

2.  The Learner’s Package gives you up to 24 hours of training at our guaranteed low rate and you can save up to $300!

One on One lessons for learners

Different Riders Learn At Different Rates

Different riders learn at different rates and many riders would not need the 24 hours training – we can generally tell when you have your first 3 hour lesson and will advise you whether you’ll get better value out of Pay as you Train or the Learner’s Package.

For beginners, we always recommend learning to ride with just you and the instructor as the best way for you to train.  This means your instructor is focusing on you for the whole period of the lesson and not giving their  attention to any other person.

All Equipment Supplied

All equipment can be supplied (Helmet, Jacket, Gloves and Motorbike) or you can use your own if you desire.

Prerequisites For This Course:

The ability to ride a motorcycle (Please discuss this with AMA staff for qualification)

New Well Maintained Bike Fleet

Honda CB 400 – Performance & Reliability

We offer a fleet of new and very well maintained motorcycles ranging from scooters for our automatic learners, three different types of 250 cc motorcycles:

  • Honda CB
  • Honda VTR
  • Honda CBF

and our Honda CB 400 and 600 cc Hornet open motorcycles.

Note: An insurance levy of $50 is necessary for anyone wishing to use our motorcycles, but this is only charged once irrespective of how many lessons you have with us.

Call Now For Expert & Safe Training

Just call us on 07 5596 4938 or use the form below and one of our qualified friendly staff will get back to you with the course information and fees involved.  Easy!

Slow Slalom At Our Training Area