Six Steps To Q-Ride

  1. Have the correct licence
  2. Choose
  3. Enrol
  4. Learn to ride
  5. Certificate
  6. Getting your licence

1.  Have the correct licence;

To participate in Q-Ride training and assessment, as a minimum you must hold a current class RE motorbike learner licence.

Getting Your Learner’s Licence

It’s easy to get your motorcycle learner licence:

Full details here
Practice the questions here

2.  Choose

Choose a Q-Ride registered service provider to provide your Q-Ride training and assessment.  AMA-Q-Ride is a registered service provider and can assist with all your needs.

3.  Enrol

Contact AMA-Q-Ride to enrol. We will ask you to provide some information about your licence history to determine which class of motorbike you are eligible to learn to ride.

4.  Learn to ride

Q-Ride training and assessment consists of a number of competency standards that your trainer will take you through.

When learning to ride a motorbike you must display an L-plate and carry your class RE learner, provisional or open licence. Your licence must be shown to a police officer or any other authorised person if you are asked to do so.

5.  Certificate

When you have demonstrated you are competent in all of the Q-Ride competencies, the Q-Ride registered service provider will issue you with a competency declaration (Q-Ride Certificate).

6.  Getting your licence

Before you can ride unaccompanied on your motorbike, you must take your current licence and Q-Ride Certificate to a Queensland Transport customer service centre to apply for your motorbike licence. Although you will not be required to do a practical driving test, you must be eligible for the licence you are applying for.

Contact AMA-Q-Ride training with Australian Motorcycle Academy.

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