Getting Your Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence

If you have an RE class motorcycle licence (limited to riding LAMS bikes) and would like to gain your unrestricted motorcycle licence, then this page is for you.

Moving From Restricted to Unrestricted

  • Conduct our 6 hour Q Ride course all in one day 7.45am till 3.00pm
  • We supply all your motorcycles and safety gear ( Helmets, Jackets and Gloves)

We even supply your food and drinks for your training day

Come on and get your unrestricted motorcycle licence.
Call us now on 07 5596 4938 and book today.

Six- (6) Hour Unrestricted Riders Course

This six- (6) hour course is a competency based assessment designed for you to demonstrate your ability to perform these tasks in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

All Equipment Supplied

All equipment can be supplied (Helmet, Jacket, Gloves and Motorbike) or you can use your own if you desire.

Prerequisites For This Course:

The ability to ride a motorcycle (please discuss this with AMA staff for qualification)

  • RE Licence
  • Long pants
  • Covered shoes

Call Now For Expert Training

Just call us on 07 5596 4938 or use the form below and one of our qualified friendly staff will get back to you with the course information and fees involved.  Easy!

Slow motorcycle turn
Slow turn training

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