The AMA Q Ride Team

The team at Australian Motorcycle Academy would be delighted to talk with you and answer any questions that you may have in regards to your training and/or licence, so please feel free to call Shona, Andrew, Conrad, Ron, Nik, Sheldon, Rob or Graham on 07 5596 4938.

You’re always welcome to pop in, have a chat and a look at the bikes or just get acquainted with us.  You’ll find us all super friendly and very eager to help.

Shona – Big Chief

Shona is the Big Chief at AMA QRide and knows everything about getting your licence.Shona Cook

She’s almost always the one who answers the phone and loves chatting with everyone and making sure they get the right training.

Shona also cooks the best toasted sandwiches for students who have suggested she apply for MasterChef (cough).

Andrew – Chief Q-Ride Instructor

Andrew from AMA QrideAs you can see, Andrew is a former model who knows how to work the camera and who is obviously sponsored by Coca Cola!

Andrew is our Chief Instructor and absolutely loves teaching people to enjoy motorcycling safely.

He’s been teaching for 10 years and loves catching up with former students.

He reckons he can tell by their riding style when he sees a former student on the road!  So be aware, Andrew might be watching!

Graham – Maintenance Supervisor


Graham takes care of all maintenance issues with the bikes and ensures your bike is in perfect working order.

He also ensures a very safe and organised ride centre, with 50+ bikes under his care.

Conrad – Q-Ride Instructor

Conrad from AMA Qride

Conrad has been here at AMA for 5 years and loves every minute of it!

He’s a fabulous instructor, takes his job very seriously and is one of the favourites of many students.

He’s a superb rider with great skills and a terrific ability to get his message across.

Nik – Q-Ride Instructor

Nick of AMA Qride
As you can see, Nik is relaxed and cool!

He’s also a great instructor, loves teaching new students and takes a lot of pride in what he does.

Here’s one of many kind things we hear about Nik –  “…… champion trainer that has taught me all of the good things I know!”

Sheldon – Q-Ride Instructor

Sheldon is about the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet.Sheldon at AMA QRide

He loves instructing and we hear lots of “I love it when Sheldon says “Head up like a snob!””

Sheldon’s very clear and cool instructing makes for better riding and he loves helping students out.

He’s a rather amusing chap and a terrific asset to the team.

Rob – Q-Ride Instructor

Rob has been a QRide instructor for over 10 years and has been with AMA QRide for 4.Rob AMA QRide instructor

Aside from being a terrific instructor, Rob is also a Tae Kwon Do instructor and is at 4th Dan!

A guy with that much instructing just has to be great at what he does – Rob’s the man to have you riding right!

Nick – Q-Ride Instructor


Well, this is Big Nick and you will see what we mean.

Our gentle giant.

Nick is a also a master 5th Dan black belt Shim Jang Taekwondo.
Nick began his martial arts in 1979.

Nick is a loyal instructor of high integrity who works extremely hard to ensure that safety of his students.

The AMA QRide Team

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