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Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme Information

Q-Ride Training and Assessment

The Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) was introduced on July 1, 2009 in Queensland.

Under the scheme, Class RE licence holders will only be able to ride motorcycles that are LAMS approved. LAMS applies restrictions based on the overall performance capability of the motorcycle, rather than being based on engine capacity.

Restrictions Based on 2 Things

  1. A maximum power to weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne and
  2. An upper engine capacity limit of 660 ml.

What this means is that class RE licence holders will have access to a larger range of motorcycles.

To help you identify the motorcycles you can legally ride as a class RE rider, there will be a LAM scheme indicator on the registration label of motorcycles approved under this new scheme.

No Change In The Way You Get Your Motorcycle Licence

The LAMS change will not affect the way a motorcycle licence is obtained in Queensland – it only affects the range of motorcycles the class RE holders can ride.

Class R licence holders will not be affected by the introduction of the new scheme.

You can see a full list of approved motorcycles and information regarding LAMS here.

2 Other Major Changes

There have been 2 other major changes announced.

Pillion Passenger Restrictions For Learner Riders

From July 1, 2009, class RE and R learner riders will be prohibited from carrying pillion passengers (including their supervisor) when learning to ride a motorcycle on the road.

A learner will still be required to be supervised by an appropriately licensed person when riding a motorcycle – the supervisor may follow at a safe distance on another motorcycle or another vehicle, or in a sidecar.

Requirement To Display A P Plate

From July 1, 2009, if you are a holder of a Provisional P1 or P2 driver licence and you obtain your class RE or R motorcycle licence, you will be required to display a P plate of the appropriate colour when riding your motorcycle (this includes mopeds).

The P plate is to be displayed on the rear of the bike, or on the back of a vest worn by the rider.

Getting Your Learner’s Licence

It’s easy to get your motorcycle learner licence – click here for full info.

Contact us here or call us on (04) 2828 4405 and we’ll assist in every way we can.

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