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Step 1: Check your eligibility

You must hold a provisional or open car licence and have held the licence for at least 1 year.

Step 2: Complete the 2 day Pre-Learner Course

To obtain your Learners Licence, you must attend a two day (12.5 hr) competency based Q-Ride training course.

Step 3: Spend 3 months practising

You must hold your Learners Licence for a minimum of 3 months before you are eligible to apply for your Restricted Licence. You cannot ride unsupervised during this time. Stay Upright offers Private Lessons, Accompanied Rides and Roadsmart courses to assist you to gain valuable supervised on road experience.

Step 4: Complete the Knowledge test

The final step to obtain your Learner Licence is to answer 30 questions and pay the applicable fee to Department Transport & Main Roads (TMR) once you have passed. This can be done online or by attending TMR. You can practice the online motorcycle test here

Step 5: Complete the Hazard Perception Test

Once you have spent 3 months practicing and completed the Knowledge Test, you must complete and pass a Hazard Perception Test. This is completed online. Click the link below for more information and to complete the test click here

Step 6: Complete the 1 day Restricted Licence course

This is a one day – 7.5 hour competency based course. This course will develop and assess your skills on the training range, as well as take you out on the road with the instructor. Once you are marked competent, you will be eligible to upgrade your Learner Licence to a Restricted Licence.

Step 7: Upgrade your Learner Licence online or at a TMR office

You may now log in online or present to TMR to upgrade from your Learners Licence to your Restricted Licence. If you currently have an open car licence, you will receive an “RE Open Licence” (no P plates will need to be displayed). If you are currently on a provisional car licence, you will receive a “RE Provisional Licence” and will have to display the corresponding P plates. Or you can wear a vest that clearly displays a capital ‘P’ of the relevant colour on the back.

Step 8: Spend two years on your RE Licence (Open or Provisional)

Go riding and have fun! Training does not need to end at this point however – AMA QRIDE offers Accompanied rides, and RoadSmart courses to maintain and improve on the skills you have learned. You will need to hold an RE Licence for a minimum of two years should you wish to upgrade to an R class Unrestricted Licence. You are only allowed to ride a LAMS approved bike on your RE Licence. However once you have held the RE Licence for 12 months you will be able to carry a pillion passenger.

Step 9: Automatically obtain your R Class Learners Permit after 2 years holding your RE Licence

Once you have held your RE Licence for two years, you automatically obtain your R class Learners permit. A class R motorcycle is a 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle with unlimited engine size. This allows you to gain experience riding an R class motorcycle, however you must display an L plate, and have someone ride with you, they must currently be an R class licenced rider for a minimum of 12 months as an escort (no pillions on the R bike yet). AMA run private lessons and accompanied rides to assist gaining experience on a R class bike

Step 10: After holding your RE Licence for 2 years, book your R Class Licence Course

Enrol into the half day R class licence course to upgrade from you RE Licence to your R class licence. Once you have completed and passed this course, you are able to ride any motorcycle you want and carry pillions.

Step 11: Upgrade your licence online or at a TMR Office

Once marked competent you may now upgrade your licence online, or attend a TMR office. Once processed you are now fully licenced to ride any bike you desire, unescorted.

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